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Home Automation & Control

Put control of your entire house at your fingertips. Touch a single button and have the lights dim, the drapes close, the temperature adjust, and your favorite music play in several rooms. Do it all from an in-wall touch panel, a handheld remote control, or you iPhone or iPad.

Simplicity, convenience, control. These are the cornerstones of modern Smart Home Technology. Lights, music, video, alarm, cameras, thermostats, shades, door locks, even swimming pools can all be controlled easily and effortlessly. We put control of everything in the palm of your hand.

Take control to the next level with Automation. Exterior lights turn on at sunset, shades drop in the afternoon to protect furniture and regulate temperature, doors lock and alarm arms at bedtime, and wake up to your favorite music or TV news. The possibilities are infinite in today’s Smart Homes.

Audio / Video Distribution

The backbone of the modern media home is the ability to listen to music or watch video whenever you want wherever you want while maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the house—no more unsightly boxes under the TV or clunky speakers in the corner.

This means locating all the equipment in a central area out of sight with just sleek flat screens on the wall or nearly invisible speakers hidden in the ceiling. Yet there is no need to compromise on performance. Netflix, AppleTV, Sonos, DirecTV, Spotify, Pandora, AirPlay, however you want your media, you can get it—anywhere, anytime. There is just no need to see the ugly box streaming it.

Custom Home Theaters

Who doesn’t want to watch their favorite movie or live sporting event in the comfort and privacy of their own home? We can make that happen. From modest media rooms with 5.1 surround sound to dedicated home theaters with booming bass to full-blown screening rooms equipped with DCI-compatible projectors and the latest movies on the Bel Air Circuit, we can create the custom viewing experience that is right for your home and your budget.


We handle all aspects of designing and outfitting your custom home theater. Room design, equipment selection, seating arrangement, acoustical treatment, and the special touches that make your room unique are all part of the complete package we create. From CAD drawings to fabric samples, we’ll be with you every step of the way until the premiere of your custom home theater.

Lighting Control

Imagine never having to come home to a dark house again. Or turning off the entire house from a single bedside button. Set the mood for entertaining without traipsing from room to room. Lighting control makes all this possible and does so much more.

Automated lights can significantly reduce energy consumption and monthly bills, provide security whether you’re home or away, create custom preset interior and exterior scenes and moods, integrate with alarm systems and cameras to enhance safety and security, and eliminate wall clutter by replacing a gang of four or six light switches with a single elegant keypad with custom engraved buttons.

Climate Control

Climate control is fast becoming one of the most sought-after aspects in our living spaces. The ability to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the day or the convenience of turning on the heat without leaving your bed are two of the many benefits of climate control.

Beyond providing comfort and convenience, the energy management component is particularly appealing to environmentally conscious home owners. Preserving energy and lowering costs can be achieved by automatically managing thermostats throughout the house.

Motorized Shades

Window treatments impact our environment in a variety of ways. Raise shades to flood a room with light, expose dramatic views, or allow the room to warm up in the sun’s glow. Drawing drapes to a close can cool down the space, protect furniture and artwork from harmful UV rays, and provide immediate privacy.

Now imagine if all of this were possible from the push of a button. Better yet, what if shades and drapes opened and closed automatically depending on the time of day and season of the year. With motorized shading solutions, controlling a room’s environment becomes effortless.


Let’s face it, video is everywhere. Go beyond the selfies and iPhone videos to protect your family and home with state-of-the-art video surveillance. We install high-definition, Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that provide real-time views of your residence from anywhere in the world as well as recording events for weeks at a time. Beyond simple viewing and recording, certain cameras offer advanced analytics that constantly monitor and adapt to changes in the environment to create an intelligent surveillance network.

Network & WiFi

Once a luxury, whole-house Ethernet and reliable, high-speed WiFi are now necessities in today’s homes. Laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, streaming video, wireless audio, thermostats, smoke detectors, appliances, and countless other devices are all fighting for space on the Internet and stressing the home network to the brink.


We design a custom network tailored to the unique characteristics and building materials of your home and install enterprise-grade equipment to provide uniform coverage, maximum speeds, and reliable connectivity to ensure you’re online all the time.

Media Rooms

Beyond simply hanging a TV on the wall, today’s Media Rooms are multi-purpose spaces that blend seating, socializing, and amazing audio and video in one area. Flat screen TVs displaying super crisp 4K video in vibrant colors pair with rich surround sound to create an incredible viewing experience.

Stop the video and the audio switches to dynamic stereo sound playing the latest hit music to facilitate a party atmosphere or slow things down with your favorite jazz album.

Turn off the audio and the space morphs back into a quiet living room as ceiling speakers are barely noticeable and the TV sits nearly flush to the wall to preserve the room’s design aesthetic.

Outdoor Living

One of the joys of living in Southern California is the ability to enjoy outdoor living year-round. It’s only natural that the technology in your home should follow you outdoors as well. Exterior lighting, pool/spa control, and outdoor speakers are an obvious way technology can enhance your outdoor experience. But the opportunities go far beyond the obvious. Outdoor TVs and Media Patios for entertaining, porch fans and overhead heaters for climate control, cameras and alarms for security, automated irrigation, the possibilities are as vast as the outdoors themselves.

Access Control

Many homes have a front gate or driveway gate which serve to meet guests (or unwanted visitors) far from the house’s front door. This entry point needs to be connected to the modern home to allow for voice and/or video interaction between homeowner and visitor. Cameras, intercoms, buzzers, and gate controls allow for safe and secure perimeters with controlled access for guests.

Access Control can also be incorporated at side gates or back doors to allow for scheduled entry for housekeepers, pool cleaners, gardeners, and other staff who need regular access to the property. All access can be controlled, approved, or denied at the touch of a button to provide peace of mind.

Technology Evaluation

Buying a new home? We'll do a pre-purchase inspection and provide a detailed analysis of existing wiring, equipment, technology, functionality, and provide recommendations to complete or upgrade the various systems.


Already settled but haven’t touched technology in years? We can perform a “technology check-up” to determine your technology needs and create a budget and plan to achieve them.

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