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About Us

Crestline Automation is a Santa Monica-based technology firm focused on providing our clients with state-of-the-art, whole-home technology solutions.


Our approach is to be brand or product agnostic and instead focus on the needs and desires of our clients and design systems that provide the most complete, cost-effective solutions. We tailor the changing technologies to fit each unique project rather than allowing the technology to drive decisions. We don’t fit square pegs into round holes—we change the shape of the peg or the hole. Our solutions-based approach requires us to be flexible and listen to what our clients want—after all, it is the client who will live in the home upon project completion.


The company’s founders have decades of experience in home technology systems and draw on their expertise to help clients navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. Coupled with a strong background in finance, they are particularly adept at designing systems which meet defined budgets and maximize performance and functionality against cost-effectiveness.


We pride ourselves on personalized service, quick response time, and streamlined solutions that deploy technology in creative ways to enhance the value of our clients’ homes and positively impact their quality and enjoyment of life.

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